About Us



Passion alone is powerful, but a squad committed to chasing dreams together is unstoppable. The Raleigh Distance Project began with six women who knew they were within striking distance of their full potential. They pursued their passion individually, but knew their ultimate success would not be possible without the support of a team. Witnessing the growth of Raleigh’s interest in running throughout the five years of the Sir Walter Miler, they knew it was time to expand and support an elite distance running team in the Triangle area. They embarked on establishing the Raleigh Distance Project with a foundation of creating a support system to cultivate elite runners to accomplish their dreams.

These athletes hold a common belief as they strive towards their goals: that the runners within the community will mirror their results. The Raleigh running community is sprinkled with runners of all levels of ability; a run through Raleigh exhibits the child just starting out at a local mile race, the brewery social run club runner, and the Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier. The team members devote time to train together and motivate the community regardless of their commitments to school and full-time jobs, even if that means running at 5 a.m.

These athletes have seen the impact of how a positive and zealous mindset can enhance performance. They strive to instill the secret behind their successful running careers in all local runners: joy! We look to build the sport and unify all the city's resources while propelling our aspiring elites to a level beyond what seems possible. We are excited at the possibility to run for you and with you. We invite you to take a chance on us. Thank you for your consideration in supporting the Raleigh Distance Project.


Developing an opportunity to help aspiring elite distance runners reach their goals, creating enthusiasm for the sport and increasing the strength of the running community in the city we love.


Qualify for Olympic Trials & World Championships

Earn top-ten in US Championship Races

Compete in World Marathon Majors

Engage the Raleigh running community and serve as positive role models

Create a support system to allow rising athletes to reach their potential

Expand our elite team and grow our sub-elite team

Develop a community-wide membership based club


From Left: Tristin Van Ord, Sarah Rapp, Sammy George, Rita Dorry, Erin Clark, & Andie Cozzarelli

From Left: Tristin Van Ord, Sarah Rapp, Sammy George, Rita Dorry, Erin Clark, & Andie Cozzarelli