Grandma's Marathon 2019: Not Just My Race

First marathon down, many more to go.

Tristin’s Olympic Trials Qualifier at Grandma’s marathon was a long time coming. After training for the California International Marathon in December and ending up with a sacral stress fracture two months before the race, the build up for Grandma’s was a little different. Not only was it a marathon build up, but a build up of run-walking, cross training, and getting back into training after injury.

Tristin describes her experience of running her first marathon. Unlike track races and road 10ks where it’s a battle for blood, this marathon was a race of community, sisterhood, and cooperation.

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Tristin Van OrdComment
Running Naked! (Well, Watch-less...)

We’ve all been there…your GPS watch dies mid-run and all of a sudden you feel utterly and completely naked.

For a split second, it feels like the end of the world…none of your Strava followers will be able to see that you ran this morning!

But what if the watch actually inhibits training at times? Erin talks about how “running naked” has helped her get through injury and become a better runner.

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