First Race With a New Name

We’ve said this in the past, but running isn’t linear. We go through the good times, the bad times, injuries and PRs in a whirlwind. Kim has a killer running resume, but believe it or not, this can sometimes be discouraging. Comparing our current selves to our past selves is not a new phenomenon in the running world, but breaking it down and embracing where we are at the current moment is a skill that Kim is making progress with. With a new last name, a new home, and a new team, Kim is free to chase new goals.

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Being Comfortable with Uncertainty

Being a good student means answering questions correctly…and answering questions correctly means knowing the answers. As a medical student, Erin is used to knowing things. She is always the go-to person on the team when anyone has any question regarding health or the body. She always has the answers.

Although Erin knows more than most of us about health and the human body, there are times when injury or sickness carry lots of uncertainty. For the past couple of weeks, Erin has been injured and hasn’t been able to train to the capacity that she wants. Being injured is frustrating, but being uncertain about what’s wrong is even more frustrating. Although she’s not fully healed yet, she is on the mend and ready to get after it!

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