ElliptiGO: How RDP Just Keeps Running

Running. The one word that subconsciously captivates our thoughts. The carefully planned task that we carve our day around. The word we sometimes dread, but the thought of not doing it supersedes any negative feelings towards it. The one thing that drives our passion. But there will always be times when we can't run, shouldn't run, or just need a mid-season reset. Luckily, that is where ElliptiGO comes in. ElliptiGO allows us to keep grinding, prevent injury, and rehab as needed. It helps us make better decisions so we can last longer through seasons. It’s our go-to and here's why:

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USATF Half-Marathon Championships: A Bigger Deal than I Thought, but Less Scary than I Expected

Big road races are so much less stressful than track races. You get to start with thousands of other people who don’t even know you’re an elite, you get to pace with some of the sub-elite men, and you can zone out while bands play on the side of the road.

At least these were the thoughts going through my head while I was on my way to Pittsburgh for the USATF half marathon championships. Oh- how naive I was to think that I would be mixed in with everyday runners, hidden in the crowd, and in the perfect environment to make a million excuses to slow down and relax the pace...not the case! Read on to see!

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"Is This a Good Idea?" Weekend Recap

"Is this a good idea?" This was a question, at one point, every single one of us asked ourselves this past weekend.

Whether we were boarding a flight to Pennsylvania for the USATF Half Marathon Championships, or on the line for the Rocket Mile in Rocky Mount, logistically, we all had reasons to question ourselves.

Lining up to race a fast road mile less than a month after running the fastest marathon you’ve ever run could bring some anxieties. Or if you fall under these other anxiety-provoking categories… Read on to find out!

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Marathon Monday: Go Fast Take Chances

In 2 short days our Erin Clark will be standing on the start line of the Boston Marathon. While this isn't a new sight for this 2x Boston Marathoner, this year will be like no other. Why? Because this former standout collegiate lacrosse player is primed and ready to accomplish a BIG goal. The type of goal that scares you. The kind that you mumble under your breath in hopes others won't hear you. In her first marathon in 2013 she ran a 3:54. In 2016 she ran her first Boston in 3:29. Last year she ran her second Boston in 3:21. She began working with RDP coach Phil Latter in March of 2017 and has run a PR in everything since. Her incredible progress is inspiring. So, what is her BIG goal this year? Read on and find out!

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Predicting Positively

On Saturday April 7th, 5 of the 6 RDP athletes will be competing at the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC. Since the beginning of this year, this date has been the one hard and fast RDP race marked on the calendars. When you plan a race well in advance, the initial decision invites a bit of excitement. It puts a marker way out there in the distance. It creates a goal. An intention. But when race days presents itself, where does your head go? Elite athletes are no different than anyone else in those pre-race moments. We all battle mental struggles but it's how we handle them that matters. Our very own Sarah Rapp lays it all out. Read on to learn how Sarah is preparing her mental game for this weekend! 

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Raleigh Relays: Then and Now with Tristin Van Ord

Raleigh Relays weekend is finally upon us! As the biggest race on the east coast, this weekend is something that collegiate & post collegiate track athletes mark their calendars for well in advance. In 2017 one of our athletes, Tristin Van Ord, set a 10k PR as an App State standout. This year, she is lacing up but in an entirely new environment, as a post-collegiate elite athlete on the Raleigh Distance Project. So what's in store for Tristin this weekend? Read on for Tristin's thoughts as she heads into her first big race of the season at Raleigh Relays

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Oak City Recovery Run Club + RDP

Any elite athlete will tell you that you can’t have success in running without recovery, and any person struggling with addiction will tell you that you can’t run well if you aren’t on the road to recovery. From that statement, one could conclude that recovery and running go hand in hand...Which makes the Raleigh Distance Project and Oak City Recovery Run Club a perfect match. Read on for more about this relationship and an upcoming event you don't want to miss! 

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Our story has been much like “defining the relationship,” or finally making a relationship that has been around for awhile, “Facebook official.” 

We - Andie, Erin, Sammy, Sarah, Rita, and Tristin, are the Raleigh Distance Project. Our mission is to bring elite running to Raleigh, creating an opportunity for collegiate and post-collegiate runners to continue pursuing their full potential in training and competition. As we move within striking distance of qualifying for Olympic Trials, US Teams, and prestigious US road marathons, we want our community to come with us. Through our personal success and improvement, we believe we will have the credibility to fulfill our other passion: to get all runners in the Triangle area excited about their own running too, one person at a time.

Read on to see how it all started.

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