10 Reasons Why We LOVE the VA 10 Miler!

  1. Racing and running fast

    Summer in the south is no joke. Our team has been grinding out miles in heat and humidity without much reward since early August. We’re excited to see what our hard work can bring us in the cool (fingers crossed) mountains of Lynchburg!

  2. Low-pressure distance

    A 10 miler is the perfect distance to start the season. It’s longer than a 10k, but shorter than a half, so you don’t have as many results to compare yourself with. It’s a great distance to push yourself without all the pressure.

  3. Finding out where you are to start the season

    While the VA 10 Miler might not be the easiest course, it’s a great marker of fitness. Pushing through the hills helps practice mental strength and reveals areas to focus on improving this fall. Chances are, you’ll definitely surprise yourself with what you can do!

  4. Mountain views

    Have you ever driven up Highway 29? The views of the Blue Ridge Mountains as you enter Lynchburg are reason enough to get excited about the 10 Miler. Plus, it’s only 2.5 hours away--closer than Asheville!

  5. Southern charm and small town feels

    The people in Lynchburg are SO nice, and they truly rally around the race and their running community. Getting friendly waves from residents during our Friday afternoon shakeout along the James River is the best way to be welcomed.

  6. Spending time with friends

    This race is a great opportunity to spend time with friends. Road tripping and spending time in a place where time moves just a little more slowly makes it easy to appreciate the people you’re with. Who knows, you might even start an elite running team on the drive up! (wink wink).

We’re good at running, but pool-partying is a close second…

We’re good at running, but pool-partying is a close second…

7. Community and inclusivity

This race is unique in how the local community shines through. The shining faces of volunteers and the cheers of spectators with motivational signs are genuinely meant for everyone--from the wheelchair athletes to the fastest elite to the last person across the finish line. Everyone is valued and celebrated!

8. The hospitality

Bret Bowman and Jeff Fedorko are the epitome of southern hosts-they made our entire team feel so special at all the events leading up to and following the race. From hanging out at the elite check in, to Bret’s wife making the best homemade lasagna for us, to even letting us crash with the Bowmans-yes all 6 of us because we didn't want to be separated ☺️


Regardless of how the race goes for any individual, there is always something to celebrate when you’re part of a team. For RDP, this means getting excited about top American podium finishes and PR times and picking off one last runner on the sprint to the finish line.

10. The after-party!

What better way to celebrate a tough race than with a TON of great food by the pool?!

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