Human Beings are Designed to Give Back to Others

Have you ever felt like you weren’t contributing enough to the world? Do you every feel like you’re a little empty, or like there’s some void in your life that needs to be filled?

It’s easy to feel down when you are going through a “slump,” or just a rough season in life. But my advice to you is to try VOLUNTEERING.

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I notice an increase in my mood after doing something nice for someone else. My conclusion by observation? Human beings are designed to give back to others.

It’s so easy to forget this because we all get caught up in the day to day, nose to the grindstone, making money mindset, but when was the last time you pressed pause on that to use your skills to invest in someone else for an hour?

I can’t help but to think that people don’t realize the potential positive side effects of volunteering because they are turned off by the fact that they aren’t getting financially compensated to be there, or that they are required to be there for work or another responsibility. My argument is that you WILL be compensated—but the compensation package may look a little different than what you expected. It comes in a much more priceless way. You learn about yourself. You’ll increase your feelings of self-worth and probably even find a new perspective.

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These days, my biggest motivator to continue running and living my best life is investing in others through volunteering. Whenever I start to feel down about where I am, I’ll make time to go visit my Guardian Ad Litem kids. If I miss a few Tuesday nights with the Oak City Recovery Run Club at Healing Transitions, I start to get an empty feeling. If you haven’t already, try going to the Place at a Table one morning before work to see who you can meet, converse with, or even offer the slightest reminder to someone that they are a wonderful human being. I can guarantee you that you will go into work with the best mood and can work all day knowing that you provided encouragement to someone in need to do something about their current position.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be a tax write off or a specific event that you are committed to attending every week. My suggestion to you is to find your own form of investing in others that you WANT to do. You don’t get paid to read a book or scroll through Instagram; so why not make investing in other people your next unpaid hobby??

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Come see how fun volunteering can be, and the benefits it will have on your mood, energy, and perspective on life! We will be at the nOg Run Club’s Oktoberfest 4 Miler on October 20th working the course and cheering people as they race. The nOg Run Club is a phenomenal non-profit that connects and supports 14 charities throughout the year; this race is one we can’t wait to use our energy and enthusiasm for the sport to support all the runners!!!  You can sign up to volunteer with the Raleigh Distance Poject here →

Keep us posted on your volunteering! We love hearing about what you all are doing for the Raleigh community!

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