Predicting Positively

If you know me, you know my comprehensive to-do list is blurred.
Between wrapping up my part time jobs, maintaining my volunteer obligations, settling into a new house, and preparing to begin my new full-time job, running has become another daily task I’ve been “just getting out of the way.” As we prepare for our team trip to Charleston, SC for the Cooper River Bridge 10k, I know I need a mindset adjustment.

Sarah Blog 1.jpg

“Going through the motions” and “just getting through” running is not fun. It’s not fun in ANYTHING in life. It’s so easy when running isn’t going well to dread every single workout or race...and that’s exactly where I’ve been in 2018. But hey, I keep CHOOSING to race and workout, so why do I keep choosing the path of least positivity???

There’s a choice. There’s always a choice. I could look at the race this weekend as yet another obligation.... or I could look at it as a rare mini-vacation.

Let’s say I go into this weekend thinking it’s an obligation.
Words associated : Required. Not optional. Expected.
All words that induce stress... the vibe will be “I have to be here.” “I’m using up my last little bit of freedom before my full time job starts to do something I’m sick of”

What do I gain from looking at this team trip to Charleston as a source of stress? I’m not going to perform my best, and I’m not going to enjoy my teammates’ company. I’m not going to be a good representation for our sponsors, and I’ll probably miss an opportunity to inspire another runner or two.

That prediction sounds miserable.

Now let’s look at it as a vacation.
Words associated: Worry-free. Relaxing. FUN.
All words that induce happiness...the vibe will be “I can’t wait to be there.”

Now what?
Well I can tell you, my mind will allow me to perform to the best of what I’m capable of do, I’ll get some genuine laughs with my teammates and new friends. I’ll be a better advocate that our sponsors deserve for supporting us so much…Not to mention I’ll be in position to get people HYPE!!

Sarah Blog 2.jpg

I think I know what mindset I’m going to choose :)
Stay tuned to see how our race....(vacation) goes!!