Prepare for Take-Off: RDP’s Spring of 2019 Racing Schedule

The Home Squad is going for that OTQ! We know it’s right around the corner, but we need to get a couple of races and workouts locked into our tool belt (rogas) before we can crank out the qualifying race.

Some people have been asking for our schedule, and we finally got our stuff together and planned our season. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about upcoming races and training! We are excited to share our journey with you all!


This season, Andie is planning to carbo-load the calendar with race opportunities. Steve isn’t taking it easy on this gal when it comes to her racing schedule. Cozzarelli is taking the road head-on in 2019. From 5ks to the marathon, this lady is ready to get the legs moving!

  • Feb 10 -Run for the Roses 5k

  • Mar 9 - US 15k Championships

  • Mar 29 - Raleigh Relays 5k

  • April 24 - Penn Relays (10k)

  • May 5 - Pittsburgh half marathon champs

  • June 22 - Grandma's Marathon



Erin is still on a red-hot roll with PRs and awesome races. She is definitely finishing off the season with a marathon, but as of now, it’s a mystery! Have any fast-flat-fiery marathon courses in mind in the May-July range? Let us know!

  • February 16- JDL Invite 3k

  • February 23- Greenville, SC Half

  • March 29- Raleigh Relays

  • April 14- Raleigh Half

  • May 5- Pittsburgh half marathon champs



Our noobie is ready to rock and roll. This speed demon needed some hardcore peer pressure to do the longer stuff, but there’s no doubt that she’s going to KILL the half marathon! Kim is lightning fast and ready to start 2019 off right.

  • March 16 - Shamrock 5k

  • March 29 - Raleigh relays

  • April 13- Ville to Ville team relay

  • May 5- Pittsburgh half marathon champs



RITA IS READY TO RUMBLE. Remember how she wore track spikes for the first time last year? Well, she’s breaking them out again to start the indoor season. Rita’s schedule is full of stacked races with competition ready to carry her to some gnarly personal bests. Oh, and a mystery marathon is waiting to be finalized in the spring.

  • February 15- JDL Invite 5K

  • March 9- USATF Champs Gate River 15k

  • March 29- Raleigh Relays 10k

  • April 7- Cherry blossom 10 Miler

  • May 5- Pittsburgh half marathon champs



Sammy The “Sprinter” George is starting her season off with some indoor racing and ending on the outdoor track. We are always amazed at how quick this girl’s legs can go, and we know everyone is excited to see her tear up the track this year.

  • Feb 16- JDL Invite

  • March 29- Raleigh relays

  • April 24-Penn Relays

  • May-Rocket Mile

  • May-Music CIty Distance Carnvial

  • June- Portland Track Festival

  • June/July- Pop up Miles

  • August 2- Sir Walter Miler



Fresh off of a stress fracture, Tristin is ready to kick butt on the roads. All that swimming, biking, and ElliptiGoing has been good for something, right? We know Tristin is coming back stronger & faster than ever and her feminine-fierce attitude is ready to fly.

  • March 29- Raleigh Relays

  • April 25-27- Penn Relays

  • May 5- Pittsburgh half marathon champs

  • June 22- Grandma’s marathon

Photos: TJ Carr Photography

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