Getting Back in the “Groove” of Things

Cross training for two months when you just want to be running feels like a bad pop song about wanting to get back together with your ex.

PC: TJ Carr

PC: TJ Carr

Don’t get me wrong; it’s awesome to take a mental break and listen to some Taylor Swift or some Backstreet Boys...but it gets old after a while. It’s like, there’s hope, and you know you’ll get back into intense training, but you’re rolling your eyes the whole time you’re in the pool cross training. I’m pretty sure the lifeguards at the gym think I don’t have pupils...I’m also fairly certain I actually had N’Sync songs stuck in my head every single time I went aqua jogging…(at least with biking you can use headphones and listen to hours of true crime podcasts and athlete interviews).  

So, as much as cross training is like a bad pop song, getting back into run/walking is like a crazy EDM song; you’re able to get some of your zoomies out when the bass drops, but there’s still so much pent up energy inside of you that just wants to get back to 80 miles per week.

This phase of the “come back” honestly feels like I’m at a high school dance where they’re playing Sandstorm. It feels like huddling in a sweaty mosh pit and then suddenly exploding with crazy dance moves when the lasers, strobe lights, and bass come in. Yes, I was run/walking for a while…but you better believe I was going at a good clip when I was allowed to get some strides in.


This part of the healing process was a weird reality for me for about a month after I had taken over 8 weeks completely off from running. At first it was 2 min on, 1 min walking...then eventually increased to 5 min intervals until I was allowed to run straight through, but still only going every other day.

So what is it like to get back into a regular schedule? I imagine it to be more of a mixed tape...probably starting off with some screamo songs when I’m getting dropped in runs and workouts by my teammates, but then with some love songs in the mix...and definitely filled with boogie songs and fiddle solos.

PC: Jay Honeycutt

PC: Jay Honeycutt

I can finally start back on a normal schedule with my running next week, and being injured has given me a new perspective on how I will take my training to the next level. It’s not all about the miles, but the time spent consciously putting in effort to be a better athlete.

As much as I’ve missed running itself, one of the main things that I took for granted while in regular training is how much time is spent getting to know friends and spending time with teammates. Not only am I excited to get back into intense training and racing, but I am super excited about waking up at 5 am for our Cup a Joe runs, staying up late to lift with teammates, and talking about everything under the sun with my people.

As my season back approaches, I intend to be thoughtful and careful with my training. I couldn’t be more excited for my marathon debut and to see what our team is going to accomplish in 2019.

Tristin’s pump up jams:

Reptilia by the Strokes

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

&Run by Sir Sly

Down by Marian Hill

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