National Girls & Women in Sports Day: Lead Her Forward 2019


Today is the 33rd annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD). This day was put in place in order to recognize the women and girls who have made an impact through sport and to inspire other women and girls to become strong leaders while reaping the benefits of physical activity. This year’s theme for the day is, “Lead Her Forward”: a mantra that honors the ways in which sports and physical activity help women and girls to achieve success and tap into their potential (

As original members of an all-women’s elite distance project, we have sports and athletics to thank for our success. As part of the new school of distance running, we strive to make waves in the world of sports.

Through programs such as Oiselle’s Bras for Girls, we have been able to make an impact on young women who are starting to get involved in sports. We hope that through social media we have been able to redefine what is normally seen on the screen in order to show the real side of our sport and the real side of being a female athlete. And finally, through the relationships we have made, we hope to be able to inspire others to be the best they can be in and out of sport.

We aren’t exactly like the “old school” athletes. We don’t move, look, or compete like the old school athletes. We don’t think exactly like the men who made the rules that we are expected to follow.

We are redefining sport.

We are redefining strong.

And we will Lead Her Forward in 2019.



“National Girls and Women in Sports Day reminds me that we have no limits on the impact we can have on making our sport OUR OWN. Encouraging women and girls to express themselves through celebrating what our beautiful, powerful, strong bodies can do for us is vital. It’s so important to step back, absorb the meaning of this day, and recognize everything our bodies, teammates, coaches, loved ones, and competition provide for us”.



“National Girls and Women in Sports Day means never giving up and paving the future for girls to come. #WhoRunTheWorld? #GIRLS.” -Kim


”Being part of something bigger than myself (a team) and pursuing competition through sport has always been in my life…(well since 5 years old when I was part of the “mini kickers”). Having the ability to be on innumerable sports teams during my youth and now makes life more enjoyable all around. One of my strengths is competition and I know thats from a lifetime of playing sports on a team. Without a group of like minded individuals pushing me to be my best, I would shy away from my competitive nature and miss our on so many adventures.” -Rita


”As a woman, competing in sports has allowed me to evolve in so many ways. It’s necessary to acknowledge the benefits of the female population participating in sports throughout their lives. It diminishes the lies that we as women aren’t capable, strong, or meant to be leaders. It’s the exact opposite; It’s one step closer to creating a world where we can be on an equal platform.” -Sammy


“Sport has given me confidence, health, energy, and community. I played 5 sports in high school until I found lacrosse, and I hope to call myself an athlete for the rest of my life. Being captain of my college lacrosse team taught me how to lead in school and at work, and those lessons have made me even more successful after I graduated. Sport is making me a better friend, sister, dog mom, student, future physician, and person.”



“National Girls & Women in Sports Day celebrates every opportunity I have ever had. I played soccer for 14 years without once thinking I couldn't, and started running because I was beating the boys. If we didn't celebrate and talk about Women in Sports we may not even be having this discussion. I wouldn't have taken the chance on myself to pursue running and I definitely wouldn't have role models that make it possible.” -Andie

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