The Pursuit

The Importance of Team: The Pursuit est. 2019




follow (someone or something) in order to catch or attack them.

(We’d like to think we are pursuing to attack something like goals and not people...But hey, you never know…)



The action of pursuing someone or something.

Having others around, especially when we are pushing ourselves and our bodies to the limits can help us release the pressure, excuses, and unrealistic expectations we often hold inside of our own minds.

As runners, we often find ourselves alone.

Alone in the woods adding on miles with only the sound of pine needles crunching under our feet.

Alone on the roads in the early morning, chasing the bouncing spotlight of a headlamp before others even put on their morning coffee.

Alone with a podcast on the treadmill while the thunder growls in the distance and buckets of rain slap the roof of the gym.

Although essential, most of the time we can’t seem to find a purpose or the motivation to push ourselves as hard as we can until we get in to a group. Running well and with purpose only happens when we are working for something greater than ourselves. Sure, logging those miles alone builds some character, but like Chris McCandless said, “Happiness is only real when shared…”

We don’t get that PR until we are joined by hundreds of others on the starting line. We don’t negative split that mile repeat until a friend jumps in and helps pace the last lap. We don’t laugh about the beer waiting for us after a long summer run unless others are there to fantasize about it with us.

Because of this necessity of togetherness, we have decided to start The Pursuit. The Pursuit of a running and racing fam to span across the Triangle.

The Pursuit of the finish line.

The Pursuit of the long run.

The Pursuit of the PR.

The Pursuit of whatever the goal may be.

The Pursuit of TEAM.


The Pursuit will be a membership based club with multiple training plans, coaches, and resources to help runners in NC pursue their goals and run with a team.

This collaboration between the Raleigh Distance Project and Runologie will allow runners of all levels in to come together, train as a team, and compete as team.

Join us as we pursue our goals through teamwork, camaraderie, and perseverance.

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