Breaking up Marathon Training with the Pittsburgh Half


Two weeks ago, I found myself wondering why I continue to run when my hamstrings felt like they wanted to pop off the back of my legs and my Achilles problems were only getting worse by the day. Because of the aches and pains, running around 85 miles per week for the last few weeks hasn’t been my favorite...but through the process I have become more motivated by people and the relationships that running has created for me rather than just the sport itself.

Although some of my teammates are racing marathons later, I am the only one who will be competing in Ottawa. Going through marathon training by myself is a new challenge. Not only do I get to suffer through lingering injuries day by day by myself...but I also get to run many more miles compared to my teammates. For some reason that kind of had me sad, and I was rethinking my season. It’s funny how your chiropractic, PT, and massage appointments can really help brighten your day when you’re feeling run down...and did I mention how I often needed a motivational speech from all of my teammates at our weekly team meetings?


Recently, I spoke with Coach Steve who informed me that I was “in the best shape of my life,” (which was news to me). I think it’s funny how I know that that one quote will carry me through this race in Pittsburgh and hopefully a big PR for the half.

Not only am I running the best that I have been, but my teammates running this weekend (Tristin, Kim, and Andie) are also on the up and up. I am stoked to be able to start beside them and stare at their beautiful butts as they sprint towards the finish line as I follow not too far behind.

I already know that a margarita is in my near future and I am excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo after we cross the line at 7:10 AM on Sunday. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?