Back to where it all began...

The Virginia 10 Miler!

Where are we up to this weekend?

Friday Morning: One of our favorite parts of the 10 miler is the road trip up together! Of course we have our snack bags full of UCAN bars, Big Spoon Roaster’s nut butter, and Tribucha Kombucha. The trip is less than 3 hours away, so it’s long enough that we need a plethora of snacks, but short enough that we (hopefully) won’t have to make too many pit stops. Oh, and our Slingshot playlist will obviously be on repeat for the ride.

Friday Afternoon: At the end of our short road trip, we will arrive in Lynchburg for lunch and packet pickup. We are STOKED to meet Olympian Anne Audain and listen to her story. Then it’s dinner with the Boman family and a good night’s rest for the next morning!!

Saturday Morning: 5:00AM alarms go off for RACE DAY! Time for breakfast, coffee, and pump up jamz.

Who’s racing? What’s going on with each athlete?

  • Erin: feeling strong and recovered from big mileage, tummy stocked up on ice cream and nut butter, bringing coffee, ready to run a PR

  • Andie: crushing workouts and 90-mile weeks, excited to feel good and race tough

  • Rita: settling in after coaching transition, getting comfortable pushing herself and hyped for some hills

  • Sammy: sole representative of RDP in the 4-miler with a good shot at placing high—we think she can win!

  • Sarah: the epitome of permashape, hopped into a few workouts with the team over the last few weeks after taking time this summer to focus on her job with the Raleigh Police Department

  • Tristin: consistent and strong, especially since she’s aware this year that it’s a 10 miler and not a 10k— AND it's not her first road race ever...she knows what a bib and chip are now!

How can you stay updated on results?

Visit the VA 10 Miler Race Day page or sign up for athlete updates here!

What are the team’s post-race plans?

Post race, we like to make sure we cheer for everyone crossing that finish line, take pictures with the mascots, hang with finishers at the “meet the elites” tent, and cool down with new friends. Within 20 minutes, we'll get food in our bellies followed by a real meal within an hour from a cute downtown brunch spot in Lynchburg. After eating all the gluten free and vegan treats, we get to chill by the race director’s pool! His wife invites what feels like the whole town to join--it’s a fun time! Before we know it, we'll have to head back to Raleighwood. Back to the reality of training for another month in anticipation of the Indy Monumental races!

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

From no one taking us seriously and being told we'd fail countless times, to eliminating the naysayers, pursuing our dreams and making them a reality. Our team has achieved a great amount in our first year and we owe our success to YOU. Thank you for helping us chase our dreams and make them a reality this past year and for many years to come!

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