Because Girls + Sports = a Beautiful World

Like Oiselle, RDP believes that keeping girls and women in sports is an important way we can ensure equity and success for people of all genders. The world of athletics has been a battlefield for women. We fight to prove our strength, endurance, and belonging. We know that providing girls with the tools they need to succeed and build a healthy relationships with competitive sports and exercise can decrease the turmoil surrounding an often male-driven world of sports.   

Oiselle introduced the Bras for Girls program in 2017 to provide free sports bras for late elementary to middle school aged girls. Since girls’ bodies start to transition at this age, they are often discouraged from participating in sports and exercise--especially in a culture where talking about changing bodies and puberty is seen as taboo. Bras for Girls opens up the floor for women to help girls feel comfortable and able to talk about this inevitable transition, while receiving the tools they need to further succeed in athletics.


We were honored to be able to participate in this program with the Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy. We worked with girls grades 6 through 8 to help find each young woman a good fitting sports bra and answer questions about women’s sports, changing bodies, and growing up in general.


Programs like Bras for Girls give us hope that women’s sports will continue to grow not only in numbers, but in strength and integrity. The culture surrounding competitive sports is in a constant state of reconstruction, and we aim to keep that construction positive for all girls who want to become the best athlete they can be.

The Bras for Girls program is funded through each and every woman who pays a membership fee to be on the team, and through the sale of Oiselle’s sports bras. If you know of a team, school, or program that would benefit from the bras for girls program, please apply online in order to be considered!

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