Long Races & Small Victories

Over the last couple of months, I went through multiple changes that opened up a new chapter in my running career. This past year has been difficult to navigate. I’ve been plagued with various freak-accident injuries (sprained ankles and scraped chins) while also trying to move past my identity as a college runner. I haven’t quite reached the level I was running at three years ago and that has been a constant battle in my mind. 


After months of inconsistency, I felt as if something needed to change. I recently switched coaches and became more aligned with what some of my teammates were doing.  At first I struggled hard...it took everything in me to stay positive and not compare workout times to the past. But, after a month and a half, I started to see the results of my hard work and patience.


Last weekend, I ran my first 5k in three years and felt stronger than I had throughout that time. I had been focusing on the 1500m and mile so a 5k was out of my comfort zone. Naturally, I am hard on myself. I sometimes feel like I should be showing up better since we are growing our team's reach more and more each day. But I have learned to celebrate the small victories. Now, as I am heading into the Music City Distance Carnival 5k, I look to appreciate the small improvements I have made in myself from the days where I had an unhealthy mind about running. Although nerves still get to me, I can find comfort in my teammates, coach, and faith that I’m well on my way to more growth.