Sponsor Spotlight: Big Spoon Roasters

Who are the masterminds behind Big Spoon Roasters and why do we partner with them? We love their story and we're so excited to share it with you! Meet their team and test out their nut butters at our Block Party and Anniversary Dinner this month! 

A lifelong peanut butter lover, Big Spoon Roasters founder Mark Overbay received his first lesson in handcrafted nut butter in 1999 as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Zimbabwe. After harvest, peanuts were roasted over open fires and ground by hand between stones as salt, honey, and fresh coconut oil were added. The deliciously fragrant, mouthwatering result was a revelation. In the fall of 2010, Mark was inspired to recreate that unforgettable peanut butter experience and started roasting nuts and milling them into fresh nut butters in his home kitchen. Excited to share this handmade approach to nut butter with others, Mark and his wife, Megan, started Big Spoon Roasters in January 2011.

They believe that #realfood = #realenergy. 

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Handcrafted Quality: All of their nut butters and bars are handmade from scratch in Durham, NC. They make every batch to order, offering incomparable freshness and flavor.


Exceptional Ingredients: Each ingredient is carefully selected and sourced directly from local and like-minded producers who share their dedication to authentic quality. Every food has a story, and their ingredients are traceable to the farms and people that produced them.


Sustainability: They approach every part of their business, from ingredients and packaging to employee benefits and community involvement, with sustainability in mind. They strive for zero waste by maximizing recycling, reducing consumption, and ensuring that their packaging is made to be reused or recycled back into nature or the marketplace.


As a team of local runners, we love supporting our community by working with local businesses. We are so proud to represent Big Spoon Roasters and we are so thankful for their partnership! 

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