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Marathon Monday: Go Fast Take Chances

In 2 short days our Erin Clark will be standing on the start line of the Boston Marathon. While this isn't a new sight for this 2x Boston Marathoner, this year will be like no other. Why? Because this former standout collegiate lacrosse player is primed and ready to accomplish a BIG goal. The type of goal that scares you. The kind that you mumble under your breath in hopes others won't hear you. In her first marathon in 2013 she ran a 3:54. In 2016 she ran her first Boston in 3:29. Last year she ran her second Boston in 3:21. She began working with RDP coach Phil Latter in March of 2017 and has run a PR in everything since. Her incredible progress is inspiring. So, what is her BIG goal this year? Read on and find out!

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